Born in February 2010


ARK No. D31-9S
Arrived at ARK January 2009
Sex Male
Age Born in February 2010
Weight Approx. 6 kg
Breed Shitzu
Colour White and Beige
Background His owner had to be hospitalized.

Micchy is an interesting little dog. He suddenly gets excited and runs about but then suddenly settles down. He was not fed well by his owner so he was very skinny when he came to ARK. His fur was also very matted and had not been trimmed for a long time. At first we thought he was a really quiet dog because he showed no expression or feeling and did not seek attention. But as he started to put on weight he became more expressive. He now seeks attention from the staff members and is a really cute little guy. He was not raised in a good environment and even though he is still young he has middle stage kidney failure. He is being fed prescription food and he is doing better than when he was at the vet, but his health will have to be closely followed. Even though he has kidney failure he will not go the bathroom inside his cage or throughout the house. We hope that he will find a kind and loving home!