ARK No. C27-25GG
Arrived at ARK September 2023
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around 2012
Weight 3.2kg
Background Misoka's owner passed away and no one in the family could look after Misoka.

Meet Misoka, a beautiful tabby. Perhaps you can tell from the profile pictures, but Misoka can be a little shy towards people. Its not that she doesn’t like people, it just takes a little extra time for her to feel safe around them. ​Once she is comfortable around you, she will purr in delight from getting cuddles and gentles strokes. She also likes to play with toys! We are looking for a loving and patient family, who will work at Misoka’s pace to help her settle in and feel comfortable. A warm and snuggly kotatsu always helps too!

Adoption Application