ARK No. D30-99R
Arrived at ARK June 2008
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born in April 2001
Weight 9.5kg (as of October 2020)
Breed Beagle
Colour Tricolor
Background Mickey was found as a stray and brought to ARK. 
Well, with ears like mine- its no wonder I’m called Mickey!
I am a happy-go-lucky pint-sized Beagle and believe it not, full of energy at the ripe old age of 19! Seeing that I have been at ARK for over ten years, I truly think I deserve my own happy-ever-after. I have my likes and dislikes with other dogs, but I know I would make a lovely addition to a family. I absolutely love being with people and playing my favourite game- fetch! I was originally found as a runaway and taken in my someone, only to nip at the owner (most likely out of fear) and brought to ARK. Since them I haven’t had any incidents and being so much older now, I have mellowed and I am one heck of a good boy. Please come visit me soon, I would love to meet you!