Born in September 2010
Chihuahua and Yorkie


ARK No. D40-102V
Arrived at ARK September 2012
Sex Male
Age Born in September 2010
Weight 4.6kg
Breed Chihuahua and Yorkie
Colour Black x brown
Background The owner secretly kept many dogs and was evicted.

Do you think I look more like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie? Most people say a Chihuahua. Either way, I am very cute! My friend is Perseus. He is the only male dog I like. I like females but not other males. I am shy at first but once I know you I will jump on your lap! I am small so I am an ideal lap dog. But don’t get too comfortable because I like walking too! We can’t be couch potatoes! I never got to go out in my old life and I love to walk. Then I want to come back and have a nice meal. Ooohh, it sounds like such a good life. It can start soon too if you come and adopt me today!