ARK No. D50-25DD
Arrived at ARK September 2020
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in May 2014
Weight 29.6 kgs (As of September 2020) *Due to Marvel being underweight, we are trying to increase her weight*
Breed Bernese Mountain Dog
Colour Black, White and Brown

With this big body comes a very big heart, full of love to give. I am an absolute softie, who enjoys cuddles and lots of attention. I get along well with other dogs and I’m very easy to walk on a lead, with no tugging at all. Along with my sweet character are my gorgeous odd eyes, which visitors often say are my charm point! I have slightly odd shaped back legs and although I can’t do heavy exercise, gentle walks are fine and I really enjoy them. If you’re looking for a big softie with a heart of gold, you’ve come to the right place!