Born around 2012
Shi Zhu
white x brown


ARK No D42-141W
Arrived at ARK October 2013
Sex Male
Age Born around 2012
Weight 3.5kg
Breed Shi Zhu
Colour white x brown
Background Three dogs were abandoned in a fishing area.

You may think I have such a short haircut for the hot Japanese summer. Well, that is one idea but actually I had to have my fur shaved off. I was rescued from a fishing area. I actually had fishing hooks caught in my long matted fur! Crazy! I love to play outside. I am young so I have lots of energy. When I am tired I go straight to my bed and sleep! I am shy at first but I just need to know you more and then I am super friendly. No one knows why I was abandoned. Was I from a breeder? A pet? At any rate, now it is time for me to find a loving permanent family away from fish hooks!