ARK No. D51-27FF
Arrived at ARK May 2022
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in May, 2014
Weight 5.5 kgs
Breed Shih Tzu 
Background Marble’s owner was hospitalized.

Marble here is the quintessential lapdog who adores people. This cutie will literally place his paw on your lap to say “cuddles and pats please” and is not at all shy to strangers! He is very affectionate, easy-going and loves his food. Being quite the gourmet, he insists on eating from your hand directly. He seems to be frightened of vet visits and particularly having his face area touched, so at the vet’s office, he will need a muzzle put on. Marble’s hobbies include being adorable, begging for cuddles and taking long leisurely naps. Please come visit him soon!