ARK No. D50-28EE
Arrived at ARK June 2021
Location Sasayama
Sex Female
Age Born in June 2017
Weight 7.4kg (as of July 2021)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Brown
Background Manuka was one of the 164 animals rescued from a hoarding case in Shimane prefecture.

Sweet like Manuka honey, I am a quiet and loving dog who loves to smile. (as you can tell from the photos!) I had a rough start to life, after being rescued from a terrible hoarding situation, so I’ve endured quite a lot. However, I am very easy-going and don’t even mind being carried! I’m only seven kgs so I would do well in an apartment setting too. I don’t have much experience with other animals (apart from the ones that I lived with previously) so a home with another animal would depend on how our two characters mix. I hope you come visit me in our beautiful facilities in Sasayama and you’ll see for yourself what a good girl I am.