ARK No. TD17-05
Arrived at ARK July 2017
Sex Male
Age Born on December 5, 2006
Weight 4.6 kg
Breed Toy poodle
Colour Apricot
Background The previous owner was unable to continue caring for the dogs.

It’s hard to believe Manto is 11 years old! 

When Manto sees a person – any person – he wags his tail so hard, you would think it would fall off! But if you need to go out, that’s not a problem. He’ll mind the house for you and knows how to use pee pads perfectly.

He did have a few dental issues, but ARK’s vet scaled his teeth and now he’s ready to go!

Manto and his BFF Sento have had to part with their beloved owner. At their ages, it’s not easy for them. We’re hoping they have homes of their own again very soon!