About 2 years old (as of July 2013)


ARK No. TC13-09
Arrived at ARK July 2013
Sex Male
Age About 2 years old (as of July 2013)
Colour White
Background Rescued in Tokyo.

It’s magic! There I was, feeling tired and sore and a kind lady rescued me. I had a very nasty gash, but now it’s all stitched up and I’m going to be handsome again very soon. If you can lipread, you will know I am saying that I absolutely LOVE people. I love it when they talk to me. I always answer – I’m quite a chatterbox. I love it when they stroke me, too. I just can’t help breaking into a mega-purr. Oh, did I mention I love food, too? Maybe because I pour my soul into being a good companion, when there’s no one around and I’m all alone… I sleep like a rock! Do you want a magic cat that will stay by your side? I’m ready any time!