Born in May 2010


ARK No. TC-10-25
Arrived at ARK June 2010
Sex Female
Age Born in May 2010
Colour White tabby
Background Her mother was spayed during TNR activities and the kittens were taken in by ARK.

I’m Lulla. I’ve been told it means “little doll”. I live with Charlie, Coco and Bridget. Coco is my sister, but she’s my BFF too. We even cuddle each other when we sleep. I’m in charge of grooming and always make sure the other foster kittens are looking their best. Everyone thinks I’m really grown up for a kitten, but I really adore attention. I just love it when people pat me gently and tell me what a good girl I am! p.s. How about my long whiskers? Curled on one side and straight on the other.. very wabi-sabi!