Born in Feb. in 2013
Border Collie
Brown x White


ARK No. D43-65X
Arrived at ARK June 2014
Sex Male
Age Born in Feb. in 2013
Weight 16kg
Breed Border Collie
Colour Brown x White
Background His owner is too old to take care of him.

A young BC. What does that mean? It means I am a dog that needs someone to train me and to exercise me like crazy! We are a herding breed. I am no couch potato!I need to use my VERY intelligent brain. I’d be an ideal dog for dog sports. I love people and I am very friendly. If I like you, I want you to hold me. Like I said, I am smart so I know who I can manipulate and who I can’t! I have never had vet treatments before so I try to escape. However, I don’t mind when a muzzle is put on. I lived with other cats before but I am finding the stress of shelter life a bit much. I am starting to bark at dogs and cars. I really need a new home with someone who can train me ASAP. BCs are brilliant dogs! Don’t miss the chance!