ARK No. D41-78W
Arrived at ARK May 2013
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2008
Weight 16kg
Breed Mixed
Colour white
BackgroundPersonality A group of unspayed/unneutered dogs lived in the mountains and were being fed by someone. People in the area began to complain. Thirty-four dogs were rescued and brought to ARK.
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My nose is pretty cute. My face shows how curious I am. I am shy, but curious. I just need to get to know you. I like to go for walks and I like it when people pet me. I am sure that day by day I will get used to living with a family. I hope you will give me a lot of experiences. I know there are many dogs to choose from here at ARK. Why don’t you come take me for a walk just to see how sweet I am!