ARK No. D44-104Y
Arrived at ARK August 2015
Location Sasayama
Sex Female
Age Born in July 2008
Weight 26.4kg (as of January 2019)
Breed Rottweiler (possibly a mix)
Colour Black Tan
Background Lala was surrendered by her owner. She was in very poor physical health but has now thrived and is doing much better.

Hi! My name is Lala. I am a rather smaller sized Rottweiler. I’m learning to trust people, so when I see someone new I may bark at him or her. But once I feel safe, I will calm down and become close to the person. In truth, I am a good dog and love people, I am just rather nervous to start with. I am known to be a smart dog, so training is always a breeze! I don’t pull on the leash when walking. I am not very fond of other dogs, however, I love toys and playing with water! I am a rather popular dog among the ARK staff. I’m a smart enough girl to know that showing my belly means lots of tummy rubs!

<Note from ARK> Lala may is not suitable for first time dog-owners. Lala is Rottweiler and they have a strong instinct to defend their families and territory. This unique character may be seen as aggressive to someone who isn’t familiar with the breed. Lala would be best suited to someone who understands Rottweilers and how to build trust with them. Lala comes from a troubled neglect background (which is sadly not at all her fault), so it is important to gradually build a relationship with her. She is a wonderful dog, however very misunderstood.