ARK No. D49-49CC
Arrived at ARK October 2019
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2012
Weight 2.5kg (as of Nov.2019)
Breed Chihuaha
Colour Chocolate and Tan
Background Komame was found in a park with Komame and with no one around, they were taken in by the police who contacted ARK.

Did you know my name means “little bean”? Cute don’t you think? I am a small little lady at only 2.5 kg but I have a big heart. I’m a little shy and tend to run away from people at first but over time I will come back and approach you. I love my treats and this is a great way to become friendly with me. During the day, I like to spend the time with my other doggy friends and I also do good at the vets! I would love to be adopted along with my friend Komari if possible, because we were rescued together. I’m looking forward to seeing you at ARK!