ARK No. C26-5BB
Arrived at ARK February 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in October 2017
Weight 2.1kg (as of April 2018)
Colour Black and white
Background Kinpira was found as a kitten in front of an elementary school. 

What cute freckles I have, don’t you think? When I first arrived at ARK as a two month old kitten, I was suffering from a terrible cold and everyone was fearing the worst…but look at me now, I’m one healthy, active, loving and inquisitive kitty! I’m definitely a tough cookie. I also love being with other cats and get on with everyone, so it would be wonderful if I can find a forever home with another feline friend. Do stop by and say hello when you visit Ark next, as I love having visitors over. I’m a sweetheart so I hope you will consider me for adoption.