ARK No. TD18-02
Arrived at ARK May 2018
Sex Female
Age Born in January 2018
Weight 5.7 kg (as of May 2018)
Breed Chow Chow
Colour Black
Background Surrendered by the previous owner.

Bred to be guard dogs, Kikome likes to know what’s going on around her. Without the benefit of appropriate socialization, Kikome is still inclined to chase other dogs, older or younger, if they’re smaller than her.

In just a few short days with her foster family, Kikome has learnt to retrieve and surrender toys and to walk nicely on a lead, as long as there are no dogs around. She still has some work to do – she still snaps. With appropriate training, Kikome will be a loyal companion and guard dog. If you are prepared to work with her and give her the consistency she needs, you might just be her special person!