ARK No. C25-52AA
Arrived at ARK June 2017
Sex Female
Age Born in May 2017
Weight 4kg (as of April 2018)
Colour Tabby
Background Kasa was born to a stray mother on a balcony of an apartment. The apartment was not pet friendly and therefore Kasa came to Ark.

I’m Kasa and I was rescued at just 1 month old. When I first arrived to ARK, I was so scared and used to hiss all the time, but not anymore! Now, I get so happy when people come see me, that I’ll gently rub up against you to say “hello”. Apparently, the staff are finding it difficult to do their work, because I’m very convincing at making them stop work to pet me! With these big green eyes, its hard to say no. I do hope you come see me soon.