9〜10 years old
Black & White


ARK No. TC12-02
Arrived at ARK April, 2012
Sex Male
Age 9〜10 years old
size 6.6kg
Colour Black & White
Background His family are moving overseas and cannot take him.

Junot doesn’t just dream of a perfect life, where all a cat has to do is sleep, sleep some more, snack a little, groom a little, then sleep some more, he lives it. He’s a master of relaxation techniques. After a very quick inspection of his foster home, he had a quick dinner and availed himself of the previous foster cat’s bed for a good, sound sleep. Junot doesn’t seem to know cats are usually cautious: pat him and he’s yours; put him on your lap and he’s there for the duration. Junot is a big boy, but when he talks to you, you’ll hear his tiny kitten meow. When you meet Junot, prepare to be charmed!