born in March 2008
8.6 kg (Chubby)
Shih Tsu×Poodle
white x grey


ARK No D41-106W
Arrived at ARK June 2013
Sex 8.6 kg (Chubby)
Age born in March 2008
Weight 8.6 kilos (Chubby)
Breed Shih Tsu×Poodle
Colour white x grey
Background His owner was hospitalized.

Can you see my leg? It looks like someone gave me a fancy haircut! It’s not like I need one. I am so cute I’d look adorable whether I was all fancy or not! I really love people. Sadly my owner was hospitalized. I am used to being with people, so I really need to get a new family ASAP. I love to go for walks and I get along well with other dogs. I really am a nice dog to adopt. Don’t hesitate!!!