Born around Oct. 2013


ARK No. C21-52X
Arrived at ARK June 2014
Sex Male
Age Born around Oct. 2013
Weight 3.5kg
Colour Black
Background Found wandering in someone’s backyard.

Sometimes cats are really rescued from bad situations. Unfortunately, we can’t talk so we can’t tell you what happened. The humans just have to put together the pieces. In my case when I came to ARK I was super skinny and wouldn’t eat. They found out I had a diaphragmatic hernia. This isn’t something that happens easily so probably someone hurt me. I had surgery for it and now I eat a lot! I am fine. As for my eye, that was completely infected when I arrived and the vet thought it best to remove it. So here I am a young cat that has had nothing but bad experiences. Now my time has come. I can’t wait to have a loving home. I like toys and I even play by myself. Of course sitting on someone’s lap is the best thing for me. Isn’t it ironic that I have been hurt by people and yet I love being with people more than anything??? Please come see me and consider giving me a loving home.