Born in April 2016
Toy Poodle


ARK No. TD19-03
Arrived at ARK Sptember,2019
Sex Female
Age Born in April 2016
Weight 3.2 kg (as of September2019)
Breed Toy Poodle
Colour Red
Background Joze’s owner could not keep her, so the family member took her in. But the family can no longer support her.  

My name is Joze. Until I get used to it, I will be scared and shiver. But once I get used to, I just want to be held and stay on people’s laps. Once I find my favorite person, I will follow him/her around! I am pretty straighforward. I will cearly tell you what I like and don’t like! I am timid and don’t like to be suddently touched from back. But if there are snacks, I will give in very quickly. I am small and wise. I observe people very well and may change my attitude depending on the person. I hope I can meet a nice family.