ARK No. C27-18FF
Arrived at ARK September 2022
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in September, 2014
Weight 2.8 kg
Breed Chinchilla
Background Jazz’s owner surrendered him after finding it difficult to care for him.

By looking at Jazz’s profile pictures, you would think he’s judging you suspiciously… reality, this is a kitty that just wants endless attention! Jazz is very affectionate and enjoys nothing more than cuddles and pats. Even just looking out his window and spotting a person, Jazz will meow loudly to let his presence be known! When visitors enter his room, Jazz will immediately trot over and meow his demands of cuddles and purr happily. He does have his diva moments however, and when he has had enough of cuddles, he will play-bite as if you say “that is quite enough, thank you!” and just walk off….he has quite the personality! We hope Jazz will meet a loving family who will not hesitate to give him the endless amount of love he so deserves!