ARK No. D45-12Z
Arrived at ARK April 2016
Location Nose (Osaka) ※He is on trial at someone’s house with people who are interested in adopting him.
Sex Male
Age Born in 2014
Weight 9.8 kilos as of May 2016
Breed Jack Russel Terrier
Colour Tan & white
Background He was adopted from ARK but was returned due to complaints from neighbours about his barking. 

I am a super smart dog. I know many tricks already. I know: sit, down, shake, high five, stay, turn around, jump… the list goes on. I also have a ton of energy which is probably not a surprise if you know my breed. I also love food and people. I really likes to go on walks and to play in water. Everyone says I am a good boy but I wear a muzzle at the vet just in case. Please read more about me and then consider giving me a loving home!

 Things we’d like you to know: He is not good at getting along with other dogs. Now he is being trained not to bark at other dogs. He enjoys target training and using a Kong. Considering his character, we would like him to have an owner with a strong knowledge of dogs. He needs someone who can continue his training. He has tried to catch cats so it would be best to have no other small animals around.