ARK No. D50-26EE
Arrived at ARK June 2021
Location Sasayama
Sex Female
Age Born in May 2021
Weight 3.2 kgs (As of July 2021) We estimate that Jacaranda will grow to be between 10 kgs – 20 kgs in weight (adult size). For those interested in adopting Jacaranda who live in a rental property with a size-restriction on pets, please contact ARK directly. Thank you for your understanding.
Breed Crossbreed
Colour White & Cream
Background Jacaranda was born to a stray mother.

Jacaranda is the name, playing is my game! You can tell from my face, that I’m a very lovable, playful and active little pup. I’ve been known to practically trip over myself, out of sheer excitement, when people enter my kennel! My favourite past time is playing, but I also enjoy climbing onto your lap for cuddles. I have a very sweet personality with a lot of love to give. All I need now, is a wonderful family who will continue with my training, help me socialize, love me unconditionally, and raise me to be the best version of myself. Just be prepared for lots of puppy kisses!

(Potential applicants: As Jacaranda is still a puppy, we are seeking an adopter who will not be away from home for long periods of time.)