ARK No. D48-112AA
Arrived at ARK December 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2012
Weight 11,1kg
Breed Shiba
Colour Cream
Background Iona was found lost on the streets. She was rescued by someone but she didn’t get on with the person’s dog and so she was brought to ARK.

How gorgeous do I look with this snowy backdrop? I’m Iona and I am a very friendly and adorable little Shiba Inu. You may find me sleeping peacefully on my warm futon in the kennels, but when I have visitors, I suddenly come to life and get very excited! That’s because I love people and love going for walks. I used to tug a bit, but with some training, I’m doing much better! I’m also a little bit of a gourmet and after refusing to eat when I first arrived, staff came to the conclusion that I like a mix of dry kibble and wet food. After all, one has requirements! If you’re looking for a sweet girl, who loves to play and get lots of attention, than I just might be the pup for you.