Born in 2006


ARK No D41-48W
Arrived at ARK April 2013
Sex Female
Age Born in 2006
Weight 8.5 kilos (skinny)
Breed Shiba
Colour brown
Background Found wandering on the street

Did you read the ARK Tails blog about me? I was featured in there recently. I was lucky because I was found wandering in the street. I was able to come to ARK and get the chance to start a new life. I love to eat and to go for walks. I am still afraid to get close to people. If someone tries to pet me I back up. But I don’t panic and I will get used to people after more socialization. They say I am very “Shiba.” I don’t mind being shampooed or having my nails cut (but I don’t really like that nail cutting very much!). I hope someone will see my adorable face and fall in love with me and give me a new home!