ARK No. D32-139S
Arrived at ARK September 2009
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2009
Weight 12.3 kilos
Breed Shiba mix
Colour brown
Background His owner kept a lot of dogs and got sick and could no longer care for them.
From staff He likes going for walks, but when he sees people or cars he hasn’t seen before, he tries to run away. If you have a big yard with a fence that he can play in until he gets used to going for walks, that would be great for him.
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When I arrived at ARK with 12 other dogs, I was the most timid.

I was always hiding in the back of the kennel. It is no surprise that they all got adopted and I missed my chance because I was too shy. Well, now I am used to life in ARK and I enjoy playing with other dogs.

On walks I wag my tail and look happy. If you have a friendly dog that would be perfect for me. I don’t want to be overlooked anymore!

Now I need my chance and my own loving home!