ARK No. C24-89Z
Arrived at ARK September 2016
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in September 2016
Size 2.06kg (as of January 2017)
Colour Black
Background Hulu was born to a stray mother and then rescued by ARK.

I’m well known here at ARK for having big gorgeous eyes and everyone likes to comment on them.  I’m also a very small kitty, weighing in at only two kilograms. Its not that I’m too skinny or anything, just tiny! I’m not the most confident cat and I like to take cover next to my siblings, but its just because I’m quietly observing and checking to see if you’re a friend! Once I get to know you and you give me a little pat and scratch you’ll soon hear me purring with delight. I really am very cute.