3 months
Grey & white tabby


ARK No. TC13-06
Arrived at ARK June 2013
Sex Male
Age 3 months
Colour Grey & white tabby
Background Found in a garden when only days old.

You don’t know how energetic a kitten can be until you meet me. I’m into everything. I even forgot to eat when I’m playing. I only sleep when my eyelids just get too heavy. Do I get nervous? NO! I never sweat the small stuff – I’ll stay fast asleep until moments before a vet exam. I know. You’re wondering why you didn’t notice such a handsome little guy on the “homes wanted” page, right? I’ll tell you a secret. I was rescued before my eyes were properly open. By the time I was big enough to be adopted, my foster family couldn’t part with me! I’ll tell you another secret. My sister Chloe was adopted with me. Life is GOOD!