ARK No. D48 104AA
Arrived at ARK November 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2006
Weight 2,6kg
Breed Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Colour Brown
Background Homa was found abandoned in front of an office. She was rescued by someone, but they couldn’t keep her, so she was brought to ARK.

I’m Homa, the sweetest little Yorkie Mix you may possibly ever meet! I may be tiny, but I can certainly keep up with the other dogs here at ARK. I hang out in the office/rest area here at ARK with the other smaller dogs and I get on with all of them great! When I know someone is coming to visit, I am the first to run up to the gate to say hello and show my belly (in hope for a tummy rub). I was found alone in front of an office and my rescuer nor anyone can understand why I would be abandoned! I’m such a darling and I know I would make any family very happy. I do hope you come visit me soon.