ARK No. C26-11BB
Arrived at ARK March 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2008
Weight 4.2kg (as of April 2018)
Colour White and gray
Background Hishimochi was surrendered due to his owner’s predisposed chronic illness.
My cool blue eyes will surely charm you! Also, check out these cute little paws of mine! I’m a fairly quiet kitty and enjoy doing things on my own pace. I may look reserved but before you know it, I’ll be right next to you asking for pets! ARK staff said that my meowing sound I may when asking for food is very cute! I’m sure you’ll agree.
Its so unfortunate that my family and I were separated at my senior age of 10 years old, however I will be waiting for my forever family to spend the rest of my life with.