Born in December 1994


ARK No. TD0921
Arrived at ARK December 2009
Sex Female
Age Born in December 1994
Weight 8 kg
Breed Shiba
Colour Tan
Background Her owner was a homeless person who was uprooted and had little choice but to give up his animal friends.

Hey the sun is in my eyes! It is hard to see the camera. What? I look like an old dog? Well, I am an old dog! Actually, I am an old dog with an interesting story. In fact, I think they could make a movie about me. I have spent many years with a homeless man and his other pets. Sadly, he was uprooted and all of us pets had to go. I miss him terribly. He took very good care of me. Because I lived with all sorts of animals, I am very good around other pets. I am a bit depressed now that he is gone. I really hope a loving family will take me in. I am very sweet and friendly. I love to go for walks. I am quiet and calm and don’t cause any trouble. I hope you will give an old girl like me a great home for the rest of my life. And who knows, maybe I’ll let you have a starring role in my movie!