ARK No. 114AA
Arrived at ARK January 2018
Sex Male
Age Born around 2014
Weight 20.1kg(as of August 2020)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Cream
Background Harris’s owner kept Harris and many other dogs on a plot of land. The owner had tried to rescue as many dogs as possible but was overwhelmed. After suddenly being hospitalized, all the dogs were taken in by local charities, including ARK. 

Hey! How’re things? I’m Harris and I’ve just arrived at ARK. I was kept with many other dogs, but suddenly my owner was hospitalised and I had nowhere else to go, so here I am. I’m a very friendly chap who is eager to please. From day one, I made myself comfortable and became friends with staff and volunteers. I have never really been on “walks” so at first I was all over the place but with daily training, I am getting better on the lead. Treats help! I’m a big fan of those. I hope you will come visit me soon! Oh and can you please bring some treats?