ARK No C24-60Z
Arrived at ARK July 2016
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around June, 2016
Weight 3.49 kg (as of May 2017)
Background Hamo was born to a stray mother.

Have you ever had a cat jump on your shoulders? It’s really fun. If you’ve never experienced it, I can show you!

I’m living with my siblings at the moment, and although I may be a bit shy at first, I am really sweet once you get to know me. If you have something yummy to eat or even better TOYS, you may find me following you like a shadow. You see, I just love people….I just need a little time at first! If you can adopt me with one of my brothers or sisters, it would help build up my confidence. Besides, two is double the fun!

Adoption Application