ARK No. C26-10DD
Arrived at ARK May 2021
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in January 2013
Weight 4.7 kgs (As of May, 2021)
Colour White
Background Hakumai was surrendered, due to his owner’s physical difficulties

I’m Hakumai, named after the famous and ever so tasty, Japanese short-grain rice! I have an equally delightful personality and I am known to be one “chatty catty”. When I make eye contact with visitors, I will gladly meow to say hello. When being patted, if you plan to move your hand away, I’ll meow again to say “keep going”. I also like to roll on my stomach for belly rubs. In fact, staff said it was hard to take photos of me for this profile because I was asking for cuddles and belly rubs too much. My loving owner had physical difficulties and could no longer care for me, which is why I was brought to ARK- but hopefully very soon, I will find my new forever home with a loving family to call my own.