ARK No. D41-49W
Arrived at ARK April 2013
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in September 2005
Weight 7.6kg (as of July 2018)
Breed Shiba
Colour White
Background Haku was surrendered because he bit his owner out of fear out being hit. 

Its not fair being labelled a “dog that bites” is it. People just assume its because I’m aggressive but the truth is, I’m not aggressive at all! I’m just a little hand shy. Its no surprise I’m a little wary of hands…you see, I was being hit by my previous owner and was very traumatized by it. So its understandable that if I suddenly see a hand, I nip. I don’t mean to….

I’m a very smart, active and friendly chap. I adore going on walks with people and I even do well with other dogs. It’s taken me about five years to finally understand that there are many good people out there and that I will never be hit like I was in the past. I just need someone who is understanding, patient, gentle and forgiving of my little quirks. I will be a good boy, but I just need some reassurance. I’m hoping this time around, I will find a loving forever home.