ARK No. C25-22AA
Arrived at ARK March 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born on March 25, 2017
Weight 3.34 kgs
Colour Black
Background Hakobe’s rescuer could no longer keep her due to various circumstances.

Hakobe, tiny little black kitty here! I was very timid when I first arrived to ARK and would run off whenever I saw people coming closer. However, now I’m much more confident and enjoy some affection from visitors. When staff are preparing my food, I’m right there cheering them on with lots of cute meows and purrs! Everyone is so happy I’m coming out of my shell and I’m sure you’ll see it too when you come visit! I would love to be adopted with my buddy Egoma, if you’ll take us both. After all, double the fun!