ARK No. C26 8BB
Arrived at ARK February 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in 2005
Weight 6kg(as of March 2018)
Colour Calico cat 
Background Hacchan’s owner became ill. 

“sniff sniff…” Is that a treat you got there?? You see, I just love my food….but perhaps a little too much. I was rather overweight when I arrived to ARK so I have been put on a diet. Other than currently working on my physique, my hobbies include back scratches, neck scratches, head scratches and cat-napping in a cozy bed. I am a lovable kitty who enjoys the company of people and from the moment I arrived at ARK, I made it very clear I like my cuddles! I am often complimented on my beautiful colouring and sunny disposition. I’m sure you’ll agree!

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