ARK No. D52-38GG
Arrived at ARK August 2023
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in May, 2023
Weight 15.4kg(As of October 2023 )
Breed Pit Bull × Plott Hound
Background Granite's owner had too many dogs to adequately care for all of them.
Say hello to handsome Granite! This bouncy, playful and very merry boy is a unique mix of Plod hound and Pitbull Terrier. Granite is still very much in his puppy-phase and is a lot of fun to be around. He also loves people and gets very excited with visitors. He lives by his motto of “play, cuddle, eat, sleep, and repeat” and we cannot get enough of his energy! Granite has been introduced to leaded walks (he does very well) and he enjoys splashing about in the river. He is interested in other dogs, but he can be quite overwhelming towards other dogs, so we are currently working on more socializing and training. One of Granite’s “charm points” is his single white sock on his front left foot- its very cute. We hope you will come meet him soon.