Born in Feb, 2009
Standard Poodle


ARK No. D42-35X
Arrived at ARK March 2014
Sex Male
Age Born in Feb, 2009
Size S30kg
Breed Standard Poodle
Colour Apricot
Background The previous owner left Bryce and Gran with her parents when she moved out. They kept them chained up outside while their own dog was treated like a family member.

It’s rare to see a standard poodle at ARK. Sadly, what isn’t so rare, is finding out a dog has been abandoned after spending years in chains. That is my story. Bryce and I have spent most of our lives chained. So, it should come as no surprise that I pull when I go for a walk. I was never even walked on a leash before! Now I am happy to report that I am in leash training 101. Finding a loving home is next on my agenda! I am still young and I deserve a great life from here on out.