ARK No. D43-62X
Arrived at ARK May 2014
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around February, 2014
Weight 19.3kg (as of Jan. 2020)
Background Born in a temple as a stray.

Phew, I am hot! All this walking in the hot Japanese summer wears me out! Now I need a nice new home with a bed where I can go take a nap! I was rescued from a temple. I was a little bit of an “older” puppy so I wasn’t socialized around people when I was young. So I am still afraid of people. But I like to eat and food is a way to my heart. If you feed me and I get to know you, I warm right up. You will see how happy I get if you watch my tail. It wags and wags! Please come see me!