ARK No. D49-16CC
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in February 2015
Weight 6.83 kg (As of February 2015)
Breed Dachshund 
Colour Reddish-Brown
Background Surrendered as the owner couldn’t keep caring for Gavel and the other dogs in the house. 

When I first left my previous home to come to ARK I was a bit nervous but now I have gotten used to my new surroundings and resumed being my usual friendly ways. I love going outside and you can see it since I get excited and start hopping and walking at the same time. I also love getting belly rubs and roll around on my back indoors to make sure I get them. I do really love being with people and I get very lonely at home when no one is around so I would really love a home with someone by my side during the day as well as night. I get along well with people and other dogs. Vet treatment and getting a trim are not an issue. I do not eat as much as other dogs but I am full of energy! Although I would like to be in a home with someone to play with during the day, I also used to live in a home with 14 other dogs so I would like a less chaotic area to relax in as well.