ARK No. D42-144W
Arrived at ARK October 2013
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born around the early of Sept, 2013
Weight 15.3kg(as of Jan. 2020)
Breed Mixed
Colour brown x black
Background born as a stray dog in a temple.
More Pics

Wow, I am handsome! I am one of 6 puppies that was born at a temple. Three of my siblings have been adopted and one is with a foster family. Here I am playing in the snow waiting for my forever home! I really love dogs. If you have a dog it would be ideal for me. Your dog can help socialize me. I am also housebroken! Yeah! I am a really good walker and I never pull on the leash. I do get nervous when people try to pick me up. (I even pee a little–oops!). I hope my loving new family will continue to train me and give me a lot of positive experiences!