ARK No. D42-146W
Arrived at ARK October 2013
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born in September, 2013
Weight 13.8kg(as of December 2021)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Brown
Background Enoki was one of 6 puppies rescued at a temple.
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Handsome Enoki is one of 6 puppies ARK rescued from a temple. Born to a stray mother, having had minimal contact with people, and therefore lacking basic social skills, Enoki was extremely shy and nervous about people. He also had a terrible skin condition, which we were fortunately able to remedy thanks to our medical team. Initially, poor Enoki was so unsettled by any new faces, he would feel threatened and even attempt to bite people. Thankfully, he has finally begun to realize he is in safe hands and that he can begin to trust people once again.


He is a very sweet boy but still has a timid character. Once he is comfortable with you, he will gladly go on walks (which he loves) and enjoy making full use of our spacious dog run! He is a very good boy in his kennels and will patiently wait until he is outside to do his business. Enoki can get along with other calm, quiet dogs who also like their own space. He would do best with an experienced family who will be willing to take their time with him, give him plenty of space when needed and work with Enoki’s emotions. Enoki may have been at ARK since a puppy, but we are still hopeful that he will one day have his own happy ending!