Born in January, 2003
Toy Poodle


ARK No. TD11-57
Arrived at ARK July 2011
Sex Male
Age Born in January, 2003
Breed Toy Poodle
Colour Black
Background Rescued from a breeder who went out of business due to the Tohoku earthquake.

Eita was taken in by ARK when a breeder in the disaster area could no longer care for him. He suffers water on the brain, a condition which is managable with appropriate care, but not curable. On arrival at Tokyo ARK, Eita was a miserable sight – his swollen head, dirty fur and strange gait were anything but appealing. Even the staff thought he was almost completely blind and had little interest in his surroundings. Now in foster care with a loving family and two canine siblings (one also from ARK), Eita is an adorable ball of soft fluffy fur who loves sitting on his foster mother’s lap or just being near the children. His eyesight, while impaired, is not as weak as first feared: he recognizes and welcomes family members when they get home and even uses pet sheets without missing. Eita will always need medication, but takes it without complaint. He is a sweet natured, loving dog looking for a family with some time to spend with him. He likes the slow life and needs lots of beauty sleep.