ARK No. D48-39BB
Arrived at ARK April 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in 2012
Weight 28.6 kg(as of October 2018)
Breed Akita Inu
Background Eclipse was surrendered due to her owner’s financial difficulties

Did you know at one point in time, Akita dogs were only allowed to be kept by the imperial family? True Story! Which sort of makes us…royalty! However, I don’t need a crown or anything, just a lovely home with a family who will love me will do. I am a very friendly and smiley girl and I like to go on adventures with my human companions. I am very gentle at the vets and a joy to walk with. Actually walking is really good for me right now, as I’m on a bit of a diet. However, one thing I am not too fond of, is other dogs, so I would like to be the only animal in the house. I’m sure a bouncy, affectionate fluff ball like me will put a big smile on your face!