Born around 2007
Black & Tan


ARK No. D44-98Y
Arrived at ARK July 2015
Sex Female
Age Born around 2007
Weight 31.4kg
Breed Doberman
Colour Black & Tan
Background was crouching in a garbage dump.
I am hoping you will help make my story a rags to riches one. I was found crouching in a garbage area. I couldn’t move because I was in so much pain due to pyometra. I was taken to a vet where I had surgery. After that I slowly recovered but still couldn’t move. I didn’t even want to get up for a walk. Now I am getting better and I even bark when someone comes because I want to play. I am a friendly girl and very sweet. During my vet check they found some sort of damage to my skull. I might have been hit or attacked. Right now I am fine. I really hope someone will adopt me and finish my story. By “riches” I don’t mean fancy clothes or a diamond collar. I just want a loving family that will take care of me for the rest of my life. Love is worth more to me than any fancy collar….