Born around 2013
Tosa? Mastiff? Great Dane? Or Mix.
Brown x black


ARK No. D44-81Y
Arrived at ARK June 2015
Sex Male
Age Born around 2013
Weight 42kg
Breed Tosa? Mastiff? Great Dane? Or Mix.
Colour Brown x black
Background He was kept chained under a tree and no one took care of him. A neighbor persuaded the owner the owner to give him up.

From the angle of the photo you can see that my head is BIG! But look at my waist. Clearly I was a dog that was NOT taken care of. In fact, I was abused for about 2 years. Despite all the hardships I endured, I LOVE people so much. When someone comes into my kennel I am so happy. I want to just cuddle up and get some loving. I am a big dog that is for sure. I certainly have a big heart too. I hope someone will fall in love with this goofy face and give me a loving forever home.