ARK No. TC17-35
Arrived at ARK October 2017
Sex Female
Age Born in August 2017
Weight 1.7 kg (as of November 2017)
Colour Grey
Background Came to ARK via someone who responded to a plea for help on SNS, but lived in no-pet housing.
Japan Times

Little Debonnaire doesn’t hurry through life like her sister, Rapide. But it’s not just her personality that earned her the name Debonnaire, its also the cashmere feel of her lush grey coat. Just stroking her will make you feel like you’re living in luxury!

This precious jewel had a such a nasty cat cold when rescued that she still has a runny nose and weepy eyes, but she knows she has to keep her strength up by never missing a meal!.


Everyone knows that opposites attract. Debonnaire is ready to go to a forever home with her sister and BFF Rapide. Please come and meet them!